Paid search Advertising

Internet searches take place in mere seconds - our irresistibly clickable Search Ads give you the edge.

Automated Inventory Ads (AAG)

We dynamically showcase your auto dealership inventory to online car shoppers who are searching for a particular make and model - all with our proprietary Paid Search technology.

Account Architecture

Our campaigns are built for optimal performance from the ground up. Keywords are researched, added to the PPC ad campaign, and then categorized into unique audience segments.

Ad Unit Management

Unique ad copy is written and tested for each automotive PPC ad campaign ad group and audience segment. Advertising copy is rewritten and tested on an ongoing basis to maximize Paid Search click-through rates and conversions.

Dynamic Bid Management

Rule-based bid algorithms are set up to meet target cost-per-acquisition goals. Bid parameters for automotive PPC advertising are managed on an account wide basis at the ad group and keyword level.

Analysis & Optimization

Our agency tracks performance by category, demographics, geo-location, device-type, ad group, and keyword. Optimizations are continually maximized for your key automotive PPC campaign performance indicators.

Google & Bing Certified

Our advertising agency analysts and strategists are constantly searching out n the latest PPC advertising strategy, techniques, and best practices. All team members are certified by both Google and Bing.

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