Digital Display Advertising

Showstopping visual advertising for your recreational vehicles - optimized by data-driven analytics and backed up by world class advertising expertise.

Banner Advertising Samples


We identify customer segments based on site behavior, like pages visited and time elapsed since last visit.These segments are then served with customized retargeting ads designed to bring those visitors back to your website.

Dynamic Inventory Ads

Our dynamic recommendation engine showcases unique VINs from your RV inventory that best match the interest of your shoppers. These dynamic inventory listings link straight to your VDPs.


Precise GPS data is used to target in-market RV shoppers within a customizable location. Buyers can be targeted with the hottest offers on your lot or conquested straight from your competitor’s showroom.

Facebook Advertising

IHS/Polk and Facebook proprietary data is utilized to target RV shoppers and vehicle owners on Facebook. Available ad formats include newsfeed, side-rail, carousel, InstaGram, and lead ads.


Utilizing Dataium, Polk, and BlueKai data, in-market RV brand, model or service shoppers are targeted with display ads on premium websites across the internet. Ad delivery is algorithmically adapted to buyer behavior for optimal performance.

Creative Production

RV dealership offers, incentives, and unique selling propositions are integrated into creative design. Automotive banner display ads are finalized and built out in HTML5.

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