Automotive Marketing Strategies With the Best ROI

What’s the best automotive marketing strategy? That’s a question with a thousand answers. As much as we all want one clear champion strategy that wins above all others, that’s unlikely to reveal itself. Rather, the strategies you’ll get depend on who you ask. Thankfully, there’s a place to start. Research shows that marketers agree on […]

Your Dealership, Consumer Intent, & the End of the Traditional Marketing Funnel – PART 1

In recent years, there’s been a growing trend in the online marketing world — one that dealerships have been struggling with for some time. Shoppers are radically changing how they shop for vehicles, bucking expectations based on traditional marketing strategies. This trend is finally exploding. The traditional marketing funnel is the latest casualty of this […]

Breaking Down the Millennial Automotive Customer Persona

Millennials are one of the biggest and most valuable audiences for dealers right now, but they’re also a generation defined by their disruption. That makes them a particularly challenging generation to sell cars to. We get that. With this post, we’re trying to make understanding Millennial car shoppers just a little easier. Sometimes, to do […]

The Dealer’s 2018 Automotive Digital Marketing Breakdown

2018 isn’t over just yet, but we’ve already seen major changes to digital marketing, whether that’s a shift in tactics, a change of tools, or the rise of a powerful trend. In this post, we’re breaking down the changes to dealership digital marketing we’ve seen this year. From SEO and paid search, all the way […]

Is Your Dealership Marketing Doing Your Vehicle Specials Justice?

Specials. After your inventory, specials are what draw the most shopper interest. And yet dealership vehicle specials really don’t get the love that they deserve. So this is our ode to vehicle specials. Here are the details on what makes a good special, how to market them, and the power of successfully showcasing specials on […]

5 Rock-Solid Local Car Dealership Marketing Tips, Ideas, and Examples

2018 hasn’t been the most fruitful year for automotive sales (at least on a national level), and that means competition is that much fiercer. And as we know, when competition is getting tough, getting the edge can make all the difference. If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for some car dealership marketing inspiration. Well, […]

4 Announcements from Google Marketing Live 2018 That Dealers Should Know

Does your dealership do any marketing? How about advertising? We know that’s a pretty obvious question, even if it was rhetorical. Of course you do. And since you care about those things, there are a few things that emerged in this year’s Google Marketing Live event that you’ll likely be interested in. So what is […]

Find Out What These 4 Mobile Behaviors Mean for Dealership Marketing

Car dealerships are generally lagging on mobile. Recent research from Google found that the automotive, retail, and tech sectors had the longest-loading mobile pages. These categories also had some of the most bloated pages on the internet.* That’s the bad news. The good news is everything else. We’ll go over the specifics of car shopper […]