Jazel’s Problem-Solving Series #4: Cross-Device Confusion

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Buying a car, particularly when there are a lot of other options, is a little bit like dating  – if the chemistry doesn’t feel right from the beginning, it’s probably not going to work out. But that can happen without you even seeing, much less speaking to, a potential customer.  In this installment of our […]

Jazel’s Problem-Solving Series #3: Bungled Browse-ability

Dealers have a lot of challenges. So far in our Dealership Problem Solving Series, we’ve covered Irrelevant Online Offers and Search Bar Frustration, and this week, we’ll delve into one of the biggest issues in web design (regardless of industry) problems with “browse-ability.”   Dealership Website Problem #3: Bungled Browse-ability Here’s the thing – as […]

Jazel’s Problem-Solving Series #2: Irrelevant Online Offers

Welcome back to Jazel’s Problem-Solving blog series! In our second post, we’re looking at the all-too-common problem of irrelevant dealership offers.  Naturally, your site is one of the top places for showcasing your dealership’s upcoming sales or seasonal discounts, as well as OEM offers and incentive programs. But if you’re not showing offers that shoppers […]

Jazel’s Problem-Solving Series #1: Search Bar Frustration

What’s worse than going on your own dealership site and feeling like it isn’t up to snuff? Getting that feeling, but not knowing what the problem is or how to fix it.  There can be many reasons for lackluster website performance, but the root cause is often the same: the site isn’t living up to […]

Speed Up Your Website for a Better Customer Experience

Did you know that a ONE second delay in site speed has the potential to yield the following results?  11% fewer page views 16% decrease in customer satisfaction 7% loss in conversions (https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/speed-up-your-website/) So many things can potentially slow down your dealership site. Images that aren’t optimized, files that are too large, an excessive amount […]

How To Measure Dealership Website Speed

Site speed tends to be a common topic of conversation when it comes to car dealership websites. Is this site slow? Is this site fast? All questions that have been asked by your customers, employees, or even yourself. In this blog, we will be diving into what site speed really means when it comes to […]

We’re Going to NADA – Meet Us There!

We’ll be at NADA 2019 this January, the 24th – 27th in San Francisco, California. And we want to see you there too! Meet us there and see everything we have to offer. What We’re Showing Off We’re proud to offer some of the most powerful website technology in the automotive industry. Whether you’re seeking […]

Automotive Marketing Strategies With the Best ROI

What’s the best automotive marketing strategy? That’s a question with a thousand answers. As much as we all want one clear champion strategy that wins above all others, that’s unlikely to reveal itself. Rather, the strategies you’ll get depend on who you ask. Thankfully, there’s a place to start. Research shows that marketers agree on […]

The Technical Basics of Automotive SEO

To say that search is a battleground wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration. After all, everyone is constantly struggling for the high ground, and you only win it by knocking somebody down. Okay, so maybe it’s more like a 24/7 game of ‘king of the hill’… Pictured: SEO in a nutshell But whether SEO […]

5 Dealership Customer Experience Champions and Lessons For Success

You know that customer experience is the factor in dealership success these days. You’ve seen the stats and articles (particularly if you’ve read our blog), but we know it’s always helpful to see some examples of straight-up customer experience champions. So we’re providing just that. Here are some awesome examples of dealers who know how […]